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by Pablo Llorca


With the excuse of showing the country to a visiting Finnish friend, Pablo Llorca’s film undertakes an exemplary journey through the trail of urban disasters scattered through the length and breadth of Spain. Grandiose skeletons of overambitious projects, only half built because of the crisis, and residential areas with deserted streets after the housing bubble burst all feature in his long journey. But over and above those eye-catching excesses, País de todo a cien delves into something that has silently and gradually affected the life of all Spaniards: the systematic destruction of public space with aggressive architectural measures and their consequences. The way in which power is trying to deactivate popular movements by evicting citizens from the streets and squares of their cities.

original title: País de todo a cien
country: Spain
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Pablo Llorca
film run: 95'
screenplay: Pablo Llorca
production: La Cicatriz, La Bañera Roja
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