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by Petr Nikolaev


The film, an adaptation of a bestselling novel by author Michal Viewegh, is a comedy about friendship, fateful loves, beauty and ugliness, alcohol, and the search for human happiness. The plot revolves around three friends - Jeff, Skippy and Tom - whose ups and downs and relationship breakups keep bringing them back to a shared bachelor apartment. Their counterparts in the story are two women - the class beauty Eva, who becomes the object of desire of all three guys in turn, and the ugly Hujerova, whose ironic attitude to herself and life in general gives her the ability to survive in a world that prizes beauty and to find her own path to happiness.

original title: Dodgeball
country: Czech Republic
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Petr Nikolaev
screenplay: Miroslav Oščatka
cast: Ondrej Sokol, Michal Suchánek, Richard Genzer, Simona Babčáková
cinematography by: David Ployhar
producer: Rudolf Biermann
production: In Film Praha, RWE
distributor: Falcon
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