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by Marçal Forés


A language school teacher, once his normal work hours are over Carlos goes to check out the cruising zone in Montjuïc. There he finds Toni, one of his students, a boy who seems different from all the rest and for whom Carlos starts to feel a certain attraction, giving rise to a film that’s as beautiful as it is dark, dotted with an enveloping soundtrack by Don the Tiger.

international title: Everlasting Love
original title: Amor Eterno
country: Spain
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Marçal Forés
film run: 68'
screenplay: Marçal Forés, Vicente de la Torre
cast: Joan Bentallé, Adrián de Alfonso, Aimar Vega
cinematography by: Elías M. Félix
costumes designer: Angélica Muñoz
music: Don The Tiger
producer: Alba Barneda
production: #littlesecretfilm, Calle 13 Universal, Canada, Moonlight Digital Lab
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