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by Tomasz Mielnik


Vašek learns that he is dying, so he steals a painting and goes to Rome to sell it – he needs money for a healer. Sitting on a train with a fake mustache on his face, he has no idea that he has, in fact, been sent on a spiritual quest of his life by a beautiful girl. His pursuers look as if they were transported from a 1970’s movie, yet his attention is constantly drawn to the other passengers, who pull him into their own stories with no mercy. Vašek slowly gets lost in a colorful chaos of other people’s destinies, opinions and his own dreams. In the end, his train will take some of them to hell, others to enlightenment or a bizarre epiphany. The film takes a humorous view on all the basic philosophical questions we have heard so many times but that we have yet to find the answers to.

international title: Journey to Rome
original title: Cesta do Říma
country: Czech Republic, Poland
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Tomasz Mielnik
film run: 100'
screenplay: Tomasz Mielnik, Vít Polácek
cast: Petr Jákl, Radim Kalvoda, Jan Englert
cinematography by: Jan Suster
film editing: Šimon Hájek
producer: Weronika Czolnowska, Mikulas Novotny, Radim Procházka
production: Background Films, EasyBusyProductions
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