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by Olmo Omerzu


A couple goes sailing across the ocean, leaving their two children at home. The seemingly careless life is disturbed by a sense of fear when they lose touch with their parents. The boat capsized and their dog went missing. The parents return home only to fi nd out that their son needs a kidney transplant and, as it turns out, the husband is not the boy’s biological father. At the height of the crisis, we take our leave of the family and see a deserted island where the dog fi ghts for survival. One day, a ship appears on the horizon and the dog returns home. But where is home actually?

international title: Family Film
original title: Rodinný film
country: Czech Republic, Germany, France, Slovenia, Slovakia
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Olmo Omerzu
film run: 100'
screenplay: Olmo Omerzu, Nebojša Pop-Tasić
cast: Daniel Kadlec, Jenovefa Bokova, Karel Roden, Vanda Hybnerová, Eliška Křenková
cinematography by: Lukáš Milota
film editing: Jana Vlčková
costumes designer: Marjetka Kürner Kalous
producer: Jiri Konecny, Eike Goreczka, Christoph Kukula
production: Endorfilm, 42film GmbH, Rouge International, Arsmedia, Punkchart Films, Czech Television - Česká televize
backing: Czech State Fund For The Support And Development Of Czech Cinematography, Czech State Fund Of Cinematography, MDM, Slovenian Film Centre, Media Programme, Eurimages, Slovak Audiovisual Fund
distributor: Shellac Distribution, Filmtopia

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