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by Jakob Brossmann


Winter. The Italian “refugee island” of Lampedusa is gripped by sadness. The tourists have left and the remaining migrants fight to be transfered to the mainland. Since the old ferry connecting the island to the mainland was destroyed by a fire, the mayor Giusi Nicolini and the fishermen struggle to find a new ship that would take them there. While the refugees are finally transfered by plane, the fishermen occupy the port in an act of protest. The island is now isolated and, as food supplies run out, the protesters start to disagree with each other. The tiny community at the edge of Europe is engaged in a desperate struggle for solidarity with the African boat people.

international title: Lampedusa in Winter
original title: Lampedusa im Winter
country: Austria, Italy, Switzerland
sales agent: Taskovski Films
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Jakob Brossmann
film run: 93'
screenplay: Jakob Brossmann
cinematography by: Christian Flatzek, Serafin Spitzer
film editing: Nela Märki
producer: Jakob Brossmann
production: Finali Film & Wortschatz Produktion, Miramonte Film
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