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by Bo Mikkelsen


The setting is a residential street in the idyllic town of Sorgenfri. Our focus is on a family of four. Their daily life changes abruptly, when a deadly virus afflicts the town. Now, it is about survival of the fittest, and the question is whether the family is strong enough as a group to make it through the crisis.

international title: What we Become
original title: Sorgenfri
country: Denmark
sales agent: Indie Sales
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Bo Mikkelsen
release date: DK 8/10/2015
screenplay: Bo Mikkelsen
cast: Mille Dinesen, Troels Lyby, Benjamin Engell, Marie Hammer Boda
cinematography by: Adam Philp
film editing: Anders Refn, Bo Mikkelsen
art director: Thomas Bremer
music: Nis Bøgvad
producer: Sara Namer
production: Meta Film
backing: DFI
distributor: SF Studios Denmark
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