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by Miro Drobný


This documentary reveals the complexity of relationships within family, where each of their members has a different surname, where one has to use adjectives like “step”, “blood” or “biological”, but foremost a family that has been struggling to fight racism. The family of popular Slovak musician Rytmus, the Romani waiter from Pieštany / Slovakia, who grew up in non Romani family, became a celebrity and an idol of the youth. He sold tens of thousands albums, was a judge on Czech & Slovak Idol and his videos in internet were seen by over 100 million users. Intimate confessions of his closest family and friends portray the intriguing puzzle of his complicated personality. Many will realize that his album The Urban Dream is not about expensive cars, golden chains and pendants and watches, but about something entirely different.

international title: Rytmus: A Dream from the Block
original title: Rytmus sídliskový sen
country: Slovakia, Czech Republic
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Miro Drobný
film run: 90'
release date: SK 20/08/2015
screenplay: Miro Drobný
cast: Patrik Rytmus Vrbovský, Vlasta Miezgová, Róbert Miezga, Alexander Wagner
cinematography by: Michael Kletečka, Daniel Vagenknecht
film editing: Michal Dvořák
music: Patrik Rytmus Vrbovský
producer: Miro Drobný, Michal Dvořák
co-producer: Miro Drobný
production: eSlovensko, Romeofilms
backing: Európsky inštitút
distributor: Itafilm, Falcon
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