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by Miha Knific


A story about young people (in their early thirties) focuses on their past and present loves and their search for independent past through life, based on genuine feelings and decisions. Instead of longstanding relationships that hinder the vital course of life, it looks for a direct contact with the world and fellow human being. 
Besides a strong visual component, the essential message of the film is that honesty towards one's own feelings and one's fellow human beings can be a good pointer towards a better society.

international title: Four Things I Wanted To Do With You
original title: Štiri stvari, ki sem jih želel početi s tabo
country: Slovenia
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Miha Knific
film run: 90'
screenplay: Miha Knific, Žiga Valetič
cast: klemen Novak, Moja Fatur, Marko Mandic, Iva Kranjc, Iva Komar
cinematography by: Aljosa Korencan
film editing: Jani Virk
art director: Dusan Milavec
producer: Edo Brzin, Mateja E. Smisl
production: RTV Slovenija
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