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by Jean-Pierre Améris


Fierce, fast and strong, Antoine is a boxer, category: lightweight. Chef, who manages an amateur club where Antoine trains, is proud of his young protégé. When he’s not training, Antoine earns a living working at a funeral parlor. However, he’s troubled and unstable. Boxing isn’t enough, he can’t channel his energy. His love affair with Su might offer a solution. But Antoine must deal with his destructive impulses in order to be able to truly engage with life.

international title: Lightweight
original title: Poids léger
country: France
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Jean-Pierre Améris
film run: 90'
screenplay: Jean-Pierre Améris
cast: Nicolas Duvauchelle, Bernard Campan, Maï Anh Le, Sophie Quinton, Elisabeth Commelin
cinematography by: Séverine Barde
film editing: Katya Chelli
art director: Nicolas Chick
costumes designer: Anne Schotte
producer: Bernard Campan, Philippe Godeau
production: Pan Cinéma (Pan-Européenne), France 2 Cinéma
backing: Canal+, France 2 (FR2), ABS, Banque Populaire Images 4

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