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by Catherine Breillat


One of those places where people mingle without meeting. Where the music controls the bodies' impulses. Her languid boyfriend dances, his eyes focused only on himself. He doesn't look at her. He is far too busy blending his body with the primeval hydra made up of other men's. They are all good-looking and aspire solely to recognize themselves in the next guy's beauty. She is the girl. She is dressed in black. So young and already dressed in her own mourning. In the toilets, she takes out a razor and cuts her wrist. That's how they meet. Henceforth, she will have the power of the victim over him.

international title: Anatomy of Hell
original title: Anatomie de l'enfer
country: France, Portugal
sales agent: Pyramide International
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Catherine Breillat
release date: FR 28/01/2004, BE 04/02/2004
screenplay: Catherine Breillat
cast: Rocco Siffredi, Amira Casar
cinematography by: Yorgos Arvanitis, Guillaume Schiffman
film editing: Pascale Chavance
art director: Jean-Marie Milon, Pedro Sá Santos
costumes designer: Valérie Guégan, Betty Martins
producer: Jean-François Lepetit
production: Flach Film, CB (Catherine Breillat) Films
distributor: Rezo Films, Les Films de L'Elysée, Oy Cinema Mondo Ltd, Tartan Distribution, Sharada
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