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by Gianni Zanasi


Enrico is the only one capable of doing the job he does. He's the number one. It's true that he's the only one doing it and this somewhat helps. Hired as a "special consultant" by a leading financial group, Enrico approaches executives who are completely incompetent and convinces them to leave. The amazing thing is that he manages to do it. Relentless, he performs the most absurd and useful job that he could ever invent. It will be the easiest case to make him confront what he has been always avoiding: his onw life.

original title: La felicità è un sistema complesso
country: Italy
sales agent: RAI Com
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Gianni Zanasi
release date: IT 26/11/2015
screenplay: Gianni Zanasi, Michele Pellegrini, Lorenzo Favella
cast: Valerio Mastandrea, Giuseppe Battiston, Hadas Yaron, Paolo Briguglia, Teco Celio, Maurizio Donadoni
cinematography by: Vladan Radovic
film editing: Ugo De Rossi
art director: Roberto De Angelis
costumes designer: Grazia Colombini
producer: Rita Rognoni, Beppe Caschetto
production: Pupkin Production, IBC Movie, RAI Cinema
backing: MIBACT, Trentino Film Commission
distributor: BIM Distribuzione, Film Europe, Film Europe s.r.o.
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