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by Lukas Bossuyt


Viktor, the famous scientist, lives a happy life together with his wife Lena, despite a tragic accident during their youth. One day, he does a groundbreaking discovery with his enthusiastic assistant, Titus. They found a way to send emails to the past. Viktor his desire to change the past of Lena and him becomes to irrepressible and he presses 'send'. The past, no matter how small the alteration, can't be changed without any risks. A surprisingly - not so coincidentally - love story about the responsibility of your own happiness, about fate, coincidence and… to press 'send' too quickly.

international title: The Sum of Histories
original title: Terug Naar Morgen
country: Belgium, Netherlands
sales agent: Media Luna New Films
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Lukas Bossuyt
film run: 86'
release date: BE 30/09/2015
screenplay: Lukas Bossuyt
cast: Koen De Graeve, Matteo Simoni, Robrecht Vanden Thoren, Karina Smulders, Charlotte Anne Bongaerts
cinematography by: Stijn Van Der Veken
film editing: Philippe Ravoet
art director: Max Van Essche
producer: Frank Van Passel, Ivy Vanhaecke, Helena Vlogaert
co-producer: Sander van Meurs
production: Caviar Films, Pupkin Film
distributor: Kinepolis Film Distribution

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