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by Boris Petkovič


Bruno, Leon and Zoki have only one passion in life: hip hop. They spend most of their days creating rhymes and practising. Bruno makes his mark as a singer and wins a competition which opens up new opportunities for the three friends: a concert, and possibly even an album. But Bruno's meeting with Nina, the beautiful violinist, seems suddenly to threaten their dream and undermines their friendship.

international title: The Beat of Love
original title: The Beat of Love: Utrip Ljubezni
country: Slovenia
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Boris Petkovič
film run: 77'
screenplay: Boris Petkovič
cast: Jernej Gasperin, Judita Franković, Zlatan Cordic Zlatko
cinematography by: Marko Brdar
music: Blaz Celarec
producer: Frenk Celarc
production: Gustav Film, RTV Slovenija, Pakt Media Slovenia, MB GRIP [SI], Pakt Media [SI]
distributor: Continental Film Slovenija
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