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by Séverine Cornamusaz


Thirteen-year-old Achille waits full of hope for his father to be released from prison. A father whom he has never known and whom he has always imagined in his fantasy. His dream of a life as a real family is put to the test by his mother who is tired of waiting and by his inadequate father who has lost all sense of responsibility after so many years in jail.

international title: Cyanide
original title: Cyanure
country: Switzerland, Canada
sales agent: Media Luna New Films
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Séverine Cornamusaz
film run: 105'
release date: CH 27/02/2015
screenplay: Séverine Cornamusaz, Marcel Beaulieu
cast: Alexandre Etzlinger, Roy Dupuis, Sabine Timoteo, Christophe Sermet, Marco Calamandrei, Isabelle Caillat, Ludivine Geschworner, Thierry Jorand, Lionel Frésard, Michel Demierre
cinematography by: Carlo Varini
art director: Fabrizio Nicora
costumes designer: Françoise Nicolet
music: Luc Sicard
producer: Xavier Grin
production: P.S. Productions, Item 7 [CA]
distributor: Frenetic Films
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