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by Luke Gasser


When young Sara stumbles upon a bundle of old letters and drawings, she finds herself transported back to the 19th Century world of her ancestor David. 1810. David is a young conscript returning home from Napoleon's brutal Russian campaign. Forced to recognise that he has no future at home in the Swiss countryside, he sets off for North America in the hope of a better life.

original title: FREMDS LAND
country: Switzerland
sales agent:
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Luke Gasser
film run: 108'
release date: CH 13/03/2003
screenplay: Luke Gasser
cast: Luke Gasser, Bruno Gasser, Karisa Meyer, Gerhard Halter, Marcel Imfeld
cinematography by: Roger Brülisauer
film editing: Reinhard Steiner
art director: Manuela Casanova
costumes designer: Antonia Zumstein, Denver Rohner
music: Luke Gasser, Luke Gasser
producer: Bruno Gasser, Sascha Klement
production:, Klement, Gasser
distributor: Frenetic Films
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