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by Yorgos Gkikapeppas


Amongst the constantly talking animals of a herd, the basic rule of normality is the theater of conversation. When a young animal loses its voice and goes into hiding, the talking herd can’t accept its weakness and follows the rule, speaking to it using monologues. The young animal remains silent and the talking herd stands confused and unable to decide whether it’s really sick or just pretending. But as the silent, isolated animal struggles to get its voice back, the talking animals surround its cage and the most distrustful of them attacks.

international title: Silent
original title: Silent
country: Greece, Belgium
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Yorgos Gkikapeppas
film run: 92'
screenplay: Yorgos Gkikapeppas
cast: Kika Georgiou, Aneza Papadopoulou, Electra Nikolouzou, Manos Vakoussis
cinematography by: Marianna Ellina
film editing: Yorgos Gkikapeppas, Yorgos Georgopoulos
art director: Yorgos Meletiou
costumes designer: Maria Karapouliou
music: Dimitris Fritzalas, Yorgos Gkikapeppas
producer: Yorgos Gkikapeppas
co-producer: Alexandra Boussiou
production: Film Society, Wrong Men / Wrong Men North, Wrong Men
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