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by Álex Quiroga


Madrid, a young Colombian woman consults a priestess on its future, this tells you which should help seven strangers, in very different ways, so that your life is heading, though they share without knowing the same place and same time. These seven different stories speak of love, pain, friendship, envy and hatred of ways. The screenplay is based on poems by Adan Quiroga. 

international title: Five Colors
original title: Five Colors
country: Spain
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Álex Quiroga
film run: 113'
release date: ES 01/2011
screenplay: Álex Quiroga
cast: Karen Caracheo, Luis Rodrigo Goribar, Cecil Jimenez, Álex Quiroga, Miguel Angel Rey, Javier Román, Lupita Sandoval, Irene Vazquez
cinematography by: Javier Zuarez
film editing: Fredesvinto Perez Jimenez, Chema Remacha
art director: Janio Renwich
music: Jaime Jimenez Djjaimote
producer: Álex Quiroga
production: Alex Media Grupo Filmes
distributor: Alex Media Grupo PC

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