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by Paul Florian Müller


Valentin recieves an alarming call from his best friend Theo, whom he gave the keys to his new and much too expensive house, to spend a night with the waitress Mörli. Theo's – best selling novelist, chess player and not in the best health – and his wife Katja's marriage is running into trouble for a while already. Therefore some diversion with Mörli is a good idea – according to Valentin. So far, so good. But when Valentin get's to his house, it is lying in darkness, Theo is panicking, somebody is dead and of course nothing is as it seems...

original title: Sex & Crime
country: Germany
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Paul Florian Müller
release date: DE 24/03/2016
screenplay: Paul Florian Müller
cast: Wotan Wilke Möhring, Fabian Busch, Claudia Eisinger, Pheline Roggan, Oliver Stokowski, Jörg Moukaddam, Nikolai Will, Svenja Hermuth
cinematography by: Tobias von dem Borne
film editing: Sebastian Bonde
art director: Katja Trambow
costumes designer: Ute Paffendorf
music: Daniel Hoffknecht, Gary Marlowe
producer: Jonas Weydemann, Jakob D. Weydemann
co-producer: Paul Zischler, Susanne Mann, Frank Evers, Helge Neubronner, Andreas Eicher
production: cine plus Filmproduktion, Weydemann Bros., Zischlermann Filmproduktion
distributor: Camino Filmverleih
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