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by Res Balzli


Abstinence leads to suffering, falling off the wagon means death. Tinou must adhere to a strict regimen to qualify as a recipient of a new liver. Aschi is also suffering: from the lacklustre present, which seems to render his brilliant past all the more magnificent. But he retrieves the past in a letter from South Arica. Tinou knows that Aschi cannot manage the trip there without him, but his health is a top priory. During the operation he dreams that every wish life had ever deprived him of is fulfilled. He pre-empts the trip to Africa and dies in the arms of Miriam, the nurse anaesthetist. Now Aschi must complete the journey without Tinou.

original title: Tinou
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Intermezzo Films, Balzli & Fahrer GmbH (CH)
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Res Balzli
release date: CH 24/01/2016
screenplay: Res Balzli, Johannes Flütsch
cast: Roger Jendly, Gilles Tschudi, Amélie Chérubin-Soulières, Sabine Timoteo, Max Rüdlinger
cinematography by: Séverine Barde
film editing: Loredana Cristelli
art director: Olivier Suter
costumes designer: Sybille Welti
music: Souleymane Faye, Aminata Fall
producer: Aline Schmid, Dieter Fahrer
production: Intermezzo Films, Balzli und Fahrer Filmproduktion
distributor: Xenix Filmdistribution Gmbh
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