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by Yoon-ha Chang


In I Go Back Home - Jimmy Scott, we meet the German music producer Ralf Kemper, who takes on the journey to produce a record with the almost forgotten jazz icon Jimmy Scott, who is publicly unknown, but in informed quarters perceived to be a musical legend. Ralf wanted to realize this project ever since he had heard Jimmy‘s voice singing for the first time 30 years ago. But it took a personal tragedy to finally put his thoughts into action. Meeting Jimmy Scott at the age of 85 years living secluded and chairbound after an accident in Las Vegas Ralf was shocked by Jimmy‘s surprisingly bad health condition. Will he be able to put his plan into reality?

international title: I Go Back Home - Jimmy Scott
original title: I Go Back Home - Jimmy Scott
country: Germany, United States
year: 2016
genre: documentary
directed by: Yoon-ha Chang
film run: 99'
cinematography by: Yoon-ha Chang, Florian Siebert, Fabian Koch
film editing: Yoon-ha Chang, Florian Siebert
music: Ralf Kemper, Mark Joggerst
producer: Donna Hall
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