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by Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani


It all started with the first wine sip Giovanni Cuttin had in his life. A Marzemino, a wine mentioned by Lorenzo da Ponte in his libretto for Mozart's Don Giovanni. Since then, the shy clerk becomes the bank director, a lady-killer and the most revered wine expert in Italy. But soon he will be charged for his wife's murder. Being grilled by Inspector Sanfelice, Giovanni reflects on the last 3 years of his life, dominated by an only mad passion: wine. Gradually the investigation becomes more and more caught between the boundaries of reality and its dreamlike counterpart. What if Giovanni, like Faust, met a diabolic force that made his life very special, only to settle the score later? 

international title: Rewined
original title: Vinodentro
country: Italy
sales agent: RAI Com
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani
film run: 92'
release date: IT 12/12/2013, BR 11/2014, ZA 11/2014, US 03/2015, TW 13/03/2015, FR 02/03/2016
screenplay: Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani, Heidrun Schleef
cast: Vincenzo Amato, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Pietro Sermonti, Lambert Wilson, Daniela Virgilio, Erica Blanc, Gioele Dix
cinematography by: Dante Spinotti
film editing: Alessandro Heffler
costumes designer: Alessandro Lai
music: Paolo Fresu
producer: Sandro Frezza, Evelina Manna, Rosanna Seregni
production: Alba Produzioni
backing: MiBACT, Moodyproduction, Trentino Marketing, Trentino Film Commission
distributor: Nomad Film, Palace Film (AU), Tucuman (BR) Swallow Wings Films (TW)
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