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by Massimo Gaudioso


Pietramazza, a small town in the mountains of southern Italy – basically, in the middle of nowhere – is dying out. All the young people are leaving, and the few residents left, mainly former miners, survive on just their employment insurance. One could easily be discouraged, but these people are not. Lead by the exhubearnt Domenico they think the opening of a new factory could be the answer to their problems and they start working to make it possible. First they will have to find a doctor willing to move there, since there cannot be a factory without a doctor. Luckily they meet Gianluca Terragni, an ambitious plastic surgeon from Milan. But now- and this is far more complicated- they’ll have to convince him to stay.
How will they make him forget all the comforts of a modern metropolis, such as wi-fi, sushi and jazz? Will an unorthodox cricket team and the gorgeous Anna be enough?

original title: Un paese quasi perfetto
country: Italy
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Massimo Gaudioso
film run: 98'
release date: IT 24/03/2016
screenplay: Massimo Gaudioso
cast: Fabio Volo, Carlo Buccirosso, Silvio Orlando, Nando Paone, Miriam Leone, Maria Paiato, Franca Abategiovanni
cinematography by: Gogò Bianchi
film editing: Fabio Nunziata
art director: Sonia Peng
costumes designer: Ornella Campanale
producer: Riccardo Tozzi, Marco Chimenz, Giovanni Stabilini
production: Cattleya, RAI Cinema
backing: MiBACT, Lucana Film Commission
distributor: 01 Distribution
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