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by Jean-Marie Larrieu, Arnaud Larrieu


During a party somewhere in Paris, an apprentice filmmaker, Boris, and a young executive, Marilyne, play at being a loving couple when they’ve only just met. They end up really falling in love. Five years later ... Marilyne, accompanied by Boris and their two kids, goes to Ibiza on a business trip. Just as Boris, tired of being a househusband, is about to leave her, Marilyne takes off on a lover’s spree. Five years later...

international title: A Man, a real man
original title: Un homme, un vrai
country: France
sales agent: Pyramide International
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Jean-Marie Larrieu, Arnaud Larrieu
film run: 121'
release date: FR 28/05/2003, BE 17/09/2003
screenplay: Jean-Marie Larrieu, Arnaud Larrieu
cast: Mathieu Amalric, Hélène Fillières, Pierre Pellet, Philippe Suner, Daniel Cohen
cinematography by: Christophe Beaucarne
film editing: Annette Dutertre
art director: Brigitte Brassart
costumes designer: Laurence Struz
music: Philippe Katerine
producer: Philippe Martin, Géraldine Michelot
production: Les Films Pelléas, France 3 Cinéma, Haut et Court, Gimages Developpement (FR)
distributor: Haut et Court
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