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by Gabriele Cecconi


Italy , 1959. Guido , a ten year old boy , crosses the gate of a seminar , fascinated by the dream of becoming a priest . Soon becomes aware that being a good seminarian means bend at an unnatural education, inspired by an ascetic contempt for the body model , the obsession of sin , the sexual phobia repression of instincts and feelings .

original title: Il seminarista
country: Italy
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Gabriele Cecconi
film run: 105'
release date: IT 05/06/2014
screenplay: Gabriele Cecconi
cast: Francesco Tasselli, Giorgio De Giorgi, Gianluigi Tosto, Gianfelice D'Accolti, Filippo Massellucci, Andrea Pelagalli, Marco Nanni, Andrea Anastasio, Andrea Cerofolini, Stefania D'Amore, Michela Parzanese, Giulia Anastasio, Emanuele Biagi, Luigi Bacci, Gianmarco Dolfi
cinematography by: Andrea Locatelli
film editing: Gabriele Cecconi
art director: Luciana Tacconi
costumes designer: Veronica Spadaro
producer: Rean Mazzone
production: Alfafilm
backing: Toscana Film Commission
distributor: Alfafilm
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