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by João Pedro Rodrigues


Fernando, a solitary ornithologist, is looking for black storks, a species under threat, along a remote river in northern Portugal, when he is swept away by the rapids. Rescued by a couple of Chinese pilgrims on the road to Santiago de Compostela, he plunges into an eerie and dark forest, trying to get back on his track. But gradually, as he encounters unexpected and uncanny obstacles and people who put him to the test, Fernando is impelled to extreme actions which transform him. Little by little, he becomes a different man, inspired, multi-faceted and finally, totally enlightened.

international title: The Ornithologist
original title: O Ornitólogo
country: Portugal, France, Brazil
sales agent: Films Boutique
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: João Pedro Rodrigues
film run: 117'
release date: FR 30/11/2016
screenplay: João Pedro Rodrigues, João Rui Guerra da Mata
cast: Paul Hamy, Xelo Cagiao, Han Wen, Chan Suan, João Pedro Rodrigues
cinematography by: Rui Poças
art director: João Rui Guerra da Mata
producer: João Figueiras, Diogo Varela Silva, Gustavo Angel Olaya
production: Blackmaria, House on Fire, Le Fresnoy, Ítaca Films (BR)
backing: CNC’s world cinema support, Development fund for Franco-Portuguese co-productions
distributor: Epicentre Films
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