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by Radoslav Spassov


After the fall of the Berlin wall, now in his old age, the composer Edward Kazasyan discovers that his late wife, the singer Lia Ivanova, who survived communist labor camps, was forced to work for the secret services. Their dossiers in the State Security archives and her diary from childhood reveal the complicated fate of the singer, who strove the conquer the big stage while juggling a «second life» imposed on her by the system. Torn by doubts that his life was contrived and false, he once again relives their love and career in his loneliness, trying to find his place in this living puzzle.

international title: The Singing Shoes
original title: Peeshtite obuvki
country: Bulgaria
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Radoslav Spassov
film run: 130'
screenplay: Radoslav Spassov, Georgij Danailov
cast: Raya Peeva, Donna Bangiozova, Ernestina Chinova
cinematography by: Vesselin Hristov
film editing: Sylvia Katsarska
art director: Severina Stoyanova
music: Viktor Chuchkov
producer: Gergana Stankova
production: Menclips, Dream Team Films
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