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by Neïl Beloufa


In an imaginary Far West, stereotypical cowboys, activists, hippies and vain youngsters come together to celebrate values of their time - the 21st century. Then comes the Apocalypse. And with the same characters, we start anew, all over again in this artistic sitcom.

international title: Tonight and the People
original title: Tonight and the People
country: France
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Neïl Beloufa
film run: 81'
release date: FR 5/07/2013, NL 27/01/2014, ES 12/11/2014
cast: Joseph Bastian, Curtis Tyrone Scott, Sumiko Braun, Alex Rotaru, J.T. Vancollie
cinematography by: Guillaume le Grontec
film editing: Ermanno Corrado
music: Arnaud Ledoux
producer: Jean des Forêts, Marie Dubas
co-producer: Sacha Ben Harroche, Jonathan Charbit, Francesco Colombo, Matei Costa-Foru, Arnaud Paris
production: Petit Film, Sysmic Films, Turtle Cove Pictures (US)
distributor: Petit Film
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