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by Nicolas Wadimoff


In 1964, Che asked the young Jean Ziegler to remain in Switzerland to combat the “brain of the capitalist Monster”. Subsequently, as a writer, professor, congressman and colleague of Kofi Annan, Ziegler, through his books and speeches, never ceased to denounce injustices, the power of the capitalist oligarchies and those responsible for world hunger. Now, at the age of 82, his books are sold all over the world, and he is still fighting, within the UN, to honor his promise to Che. On a trip to Cuba with his wife Erica, his revolutionary ideas are put to the test when he discovers the changes taking place on the island. In terms of the “Monster”, is Ziegler one of the victors or one of the losers?

international title: Jean Ziegler, the Optimism of Willpower
original title: Jean Ziegler, l'optimisme de la volonté
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Autlook Filmsales GmbH
year: 2016
genre: documentary
directed by: Nicolas Wadimoff
film run: 93'
release date: DE 23/03/2017, FR 18/04/2018
cinematography by: Camille Cottagnoud
film editing: Karine Sudan
music: Bill Laswell
producer: Emmanuel Gétaz
production: DreamPixies
distributor: Frenetic Films, UDI - Urban Distribution International

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