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by Amir Naderi


Many years ago, in a semi-abandoned village at the feet of a mountain, lives Agostino with his wife Nina and the son Giovanni. The mountain stands as a wall against the sun preventing it from reaching their land, now only rocks and scrubland. With an old wheelbarrow, Agostino goes to the market place of the town on the other side of the mountain to sell the few fruits of his crop, but nobody wants to buy his washed out vegetables. After many misadventures, one morning Nina and Giovanni are woken up by a repetitive and incessant sound. It's Agostino who has climbed the mountain and with a pick tries to pull down the top to let the sun rays light their land.

international title: Monte
original title: Monte
country: Italy, United States, France, United Kingdom
sales agent: TVCO
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Amir Naderi
film run: 105'
release date: IT 24/11/2016
screenplay: Amir Naderi
cast: Andrea Sartoretti, Claudia Potenza, Anna Bonaiuto, Zaccaria Zanghellini
cinematography by: Roberto Cimatti
film editing: Alessandro Cerquetti, Amir Naderi
art director: Daniele Frabetti
costumes designer: Monica Trappolini
producer: Gerardo Panichi, Carlo Hintermann, Rino Sciarretta, Thierry Lenouvel, Michel Merkt, Eric Nyari
production: Citrullo International, Zivago Media, Ciné-Sud Promotion, RAI Cinema, Luminous Arts Productions, Cineric (US)
backing: FVG Film Fund, CNC, IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission (BLS), Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission

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