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by Deepak Rauniyar


Young Pooja lives with her mother and her beloved grandfather. Her father, Agni joined the Maoist guerrillas and left their village to fight against the regime years ago. The death of Pooja’s grandfather brings Agni back to the village for the burial rites. Thrilled at the prospect of seeing her father, whom she has never met, Pooja looks on with dismay as he struggles to cope with her mother’s independence, and fights with her family’s closest friend. Agni alienates everyone around him, and cannot find enough men to carry his father’s body to the river for the cremation. As Agni looks for help among police, rebel guerrillas and neighbouring villagers, a portrait of post-conflict Nepal emerges.

international title: White Sun
original title: Seto Surya
country: Nepal, United States, Qatar, Netherlands
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Deepak Rauniyar
film run: 87'
screenplay: Deepak Rauniyar, David Barker
cinematography by: Mark Ellam
film editing: David Barker
music: Vivek Maddala
producer: Joslyn Barnes, Michel Merkt, Deepak Rauniyar, Tsering Rhitar Sherpa
co-producer: Jan van der Zanden
production: Waterland Film, Aadi Production (NP), Louverture Films (US)
backing: Doha Film Institute
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