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by Mallory Grolleau


Esteban leaves Algeria to go to work in England. In Manche, the boatmen throw him to the water. He is saved by Raphaëlle who accommodates him. This charitable impulse slides. The welcome is made confinement. Esteban, trapped between this reassuring comfort and his fear of restarting, agrees to become the marionette of Raphaëlle. In a mirror effect, she makes masculine and he disguises until become his sexual object. Their couple settles down in a diverting balance, but Joseph's jealousy, foster father's figure, developing an attraction for Raphaëlle, leads them on more and more abrupt pieces. Finally, they reach together a ultimate and macabre highlight.

original title: Le Pantin
country: France
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Mallory Grolleau
film run: 84'
release date: FR 14/09/2016
screenplay: Mallory Grolleau
cast: Philippe Gouin, Emni Blakcori, Aurore Laloy, Daniel Berlioux, Maxime Peyron
cinematography by: Wesley Mrozinski
film editing: Mallory Grolleau
producer: Serge Zeitoun
production: Liaison cinématographique
distributor: Cinéma Saint-André des Arts
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