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by Ciro De Caro


Libero goes back to his hometown to say farewell to his dying grandmother. But granny doesn’t die, while past comes back to life with all its overwhelming memories. Libero had shut the door to his un-lived adolescence, never really changing nor growing adult. But all around himself, time has flowed, things have changed. Then, out of the blue, spring rain washes away the wintry stillness. With his eyes now looking forward, Libero comes full circle.

international title: Late Winter Rain
original title: Acqua di marzo
country: Italy
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Ciro De Caro
film run: 100'
screenplay: Ciro De Caro, Rossella D'Andrea, Enrico Settimi
cast: Roberto Caccioppoli, Rossella D'Andrea, Claudia Vismara, Nicola Di Pinto, Anita Zagaria, Gianni D'Andrea
cinematography by: Simone Zampagni
film editing: Alessandro Cerquetti
art director: Sandro Scarmiglia
costumes designer: Noemi Bengala
music: Giancarlo Capo
producer: Bruno Altissimi
production: Alba Film 3000
backing: MiBACT
distributor: Mediterranea Film
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