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by Rasmus A Sivertsen


Claus Climbermouse, Morten Wood Mouse, Mister Hare and all their friends dwell in the Huckybucky forest - a nice place to live, but the tiny animals always have to watch out for some of the bigger ones. Marvin the Fox in particular has an unfortunate tendency to try to devour all the mice crossing his path. As Horace Hedgehog attempts to eat Morten's grandma, he tries to pass a law for all the animals to agree to be friends and stop eating each other.

international title: In the Forest of Huckybucky
original title: Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen
country: Norway, Netherlands
sales agent: Svensk Filmindustri International
year: 2016
genre: animation
directed by: Rasmus A Sivertsen
film run: 72'
release date: NO 25/12/2016
screenplay: Karsten Fullu
cinematography by: Morten Skallerud, Janne K. Hansen
music: Gaute Storås Katzenjammer
producer: Ove Heiborg, Elisabeth Opdal, Eirik Smidesang Slåen
production: Qvisten Animation AS, Pedri Animation
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