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by Llàtzer Garcia


Two minutes after learning that his father has just died, Jacob, a youngster, unstable worker with no ambitions, already forgets about it. He shares an apartment in a province city near Barcelona with his sister Ruth, and when she finds out everything falls apart. Feeling himself incapable of visiting his family at his parents' place and even at the funeral house, his only support will be Alba, his successful brother's girlfriend, who has a special relation with him. But how come he could forget about his own father's death? Why is he refusing to go meeting his family? What is really going between Alba and Jacob? All three characters will be challenged by all these questions until the father's burial, a little more than 24 hours that will them face their fears, yearnings, mourning and social conventions.

international title: Dust
original title: La pols
country: Spain
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Llàtzer Garcia
film run: 85'
release date: ES 25/11/2016
screenplay: Llàtzer Garcia
cast: Laura López, Guillem Motos, Marta Aran
cinematography by: Paco Amate
film editing: Guillermo Cobo, Judith Miralles
art director: Ivet Dinarès
costumes designer: Vera Moles
music: The New Raemon
producer: Josep Pi
production: Astrolabi Films
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