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by Fernando González Molina


Inspector Amaia Salazar heads an investigation which will take her back to Elizondo, the rainy village in the heart of Navarre where she was born, and to which she had hoped never to return. Torn between the rational, procedural part of her job and local myths and superstitions, Amaia has to fight off the demons of her past in order to confront the reality of a serial killer at loose.

international title: The Invisible Guardian
original title: El guardián invisible
country: Spain
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Fernando González Molina
release date: ES 3/03/2017
screenplay: Luiso Berdejo
cast: Marta Etura, Elvira Mínguez, Francesc Orella, Itziar Aizpuru, Mikel Losada, Miquel Fernández, Carlos Librado "Nene", Miren Gaztañaga, Patricia López
cinematography by: Flavio Martínez Labiano
film editing: Verónica Callon
art director: Antón Laguna
costumes designer: Costume Designer The Last Circus
producer: Mercedes Gamero, Adrián Guerra, Peter Nadermann, Núria Valls
production: Atresmedia Cine y Televisión, Nostromo Pictures
distributor: DeAPlaneta

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