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by Eduardo Casanova


Our body determine how we develop ourselves in society, even if we chose it or didn't choose it. SKINS tells the story of misshapen people who force themselves to hide, stay under the radar or connect between them. SAMANTHA, who has her digestive system upside down, LAURA a girl born without eyes or ANA, a woman who has her face distorted. Lonely characters who are fighting to find their own place in a society which just understands regular body types, a society which outcast the people who is different.

international title: Skins
original title: Pieles
country: Spain
sales agent: Film Factory Entertainment
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Eduardo Casanova
screenplay: Eduardo Casanova
cast: Jon Kortajarena, Carmen Machi, Candela Peña, Ana Polvorosa, Macarena Gómez, Secun de la Rosa, Joaquín Climent, Carolina Bang
cinematography by: José Antonio Muñoz
film editing: Juanfer Andrés
art director: Idoia Esteban
costumes designer: Carolina Galiana
producer: Kiko Martínez, Carolina Bang, Álex de la Iglesia
production: Nadie es Perfecto, Pokeepsie Films, The Other Side Films S.L.
distributor: Premium Cine

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