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by Katja Wik


Klara has fallen in love and there’s nothing she likes better than hanging around Jacob. Anna, mother of two, clocks her husband when he’s heating formula milk. Ex-wife Vera cannot let go of her ex-husband. The Ex-wife gets to grips with behaviours that nobody wants, but that invariably exist - from new love to divorce. With humour and seriousness, The Ex-wife swoops down on three relationships, where the roles of the women are that of the accommodating girlfriend, the fretful wife and the brooding ex-wife.

international title: The Ex-Wife
original title: Exfrun
country: Sweden
sales agent: New Morning Films
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Katja Wik
film run: 89'
release date: SE 17/02/2017
screenplay: Katja Wik
cast: Maria Sundbom, Nina Zanjani, Ellen Olaison, Robin Keller, Karl Linnertorp
cinematography by: Martin Top Jacobsen, Daniel Takács, Nokokure Zaire
film editing: Katja Wik
producer: Marie Kjellson
production: Kjellson & Wik
distributor: TriArt Film AB
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