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by Attila Árpa


Hungarian small time crook, 70 year old Tibi Balog gets out of prison after 10 years, but he didn't change a bit. When a Japanese crime syndicate hires him to acquire a Hungarian invention - the world's first floppy disc - Tibi puts his band of retarded thugs back together and the action starts. As expected, Tibi completely screws up the job and becomes the target of Japanese Assassins, a very angry Gypsie family and the entire Slovakian Army. Gags and action and no political correctness at all. The Hungarian heat is on.

international title: Argo 2
original title: Argo 2
country: Hungary
sales agent: NFI World Sales - National Film Institute Hungary
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Attila Árpa
film run: 91'
release date: HU 30/04/2015
screenplay: Attila Árpa, Bence Trunkó, Peter Huszar
cast: Lajos Kovács, Péter Scherer, Lukács Bicskey, János Bán, Imre Csuja, Zoltán Durkó, Csaba Gerner, Young-Shin Kim, János Kulka, Gen Seto, Scott Alexander Young, Attila Árpa
cinematography by: Christoph Vitt
film editing: István Király, Péter Politzer
art director: István Galambos
costumes designer: Gábor Homonnay
music: Imre Czomba
producer: Joschi Arpa, Attila Árpa
co-producer: Tamas Nadas
production: Filmhouse Hungary
distributor: Intercom
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