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by Anna Eborn


Lida is 81 years old and lives in a dying Swedish settlement in Eastern Ukraine. While she and her little sister Maria were in a Soviet labor camp in Siberia in the 50ties, Lida gave birth to her son Arvid. She has not seen Arvid since 1976, who now lives in St.Petersburg. Maria has, since their release from the camp, stayed in Siberia. The two sisters haven’t seen each other since. Lida and Maria are two of only six remaining speakers of the Old Swedish language, a soon to be extinct language dating from the 1800s.

international title: Lida
original title: Lida
country: Denmark, Sweden
sales agent: ANT!PODE Sales & Distribution (RU)
year: 2017
genre: documentary
directed by: Anna Eborn
film run: 88'
release date: DK 16/03/2017
cinematography by: Nadim Carlsen, Johan Hannu, Kristoffer Jönsson, Virginie Surdej
film editing: Anna Eborn
music: Fredrik Wictorsson
producer: Katja Adomeit
co-producer: David Herdies
production: Adomeit Film, Momento Film
backing: Eurimages, Danish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute

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