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by Pietro Pasquetti, Silvia Jop


There is a new mayor in Messina, Sicily. A Buddhist one. Old politicians have lost for once, and there is an outpouring of new hopes and energies. People around the newly elected mayor try to reshape the city observing ecological principles, discussing also new methods and values for the everyday political action. So, while the mayor fights truck drivers who are no longer allowed to drive through the city centre, some other people engage in different activities. A girl occupies a public building. A band plays on the beach. A man walks around the city as if he were lost. Another one returns to Messina after many years and tries to adjust to the new reality. Upwelling is a political film like no other one before. After everything is done and said, the only hope left for politics is utopia. A real utopia where women and men get together once again to start once more from scratch. Pietro Pasquetti’s and Silvia Jop’s film reinvents the militant political film but gives it a different spin by focusing on the crumbling of traditional ideologies. A surreal comedy about the need to change.

international title: Upwelling
original title: Upwelling: La risalita delle acque profonde
country: Italy
year: 2016
genre: documentary
directed by: Pietro Pasquetti, Silvia Jop
film run: 77'
screenplay: Pietro Pasquetti, Silvia Jop
cinematography by: Pietro Pasquetti
film editing: Giovanni Andrea Caruso
music: Sacri Cuori
producer: Esmeralda Calabria, Pietro Pasquetti
production: AKI Film
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