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by Fatih Akin


Katja's life collapses after the death of husband and son in a bomb attack. After the time of mourning and injustice, here comes the time of revenge.

international title: In the Fade
original title: Aus dem nichts
country: Germany, France
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Fatih Akin
film run: 100'
release date: DE 23/11/2017, CZ 4/01/2018, FR 17/01/2018, PT 18/01/2018, GR 15/02/2018, NO 16/02/2018, ES 23/02/2018, FI 23/02/2018, LT 23/02/2018, PL 23/02/2018, SE 2/03/2018, HU 8/03/2018, NL 29/03/2018, IT 15/03/2018, DK 12/04/2018, RO 20/04/2018, UK 22/06/2018
screenplay: Fatih Akin
cast: Diane Kruger, Numan Acar, Jessica McIntyre, Ulrich Brandhoff, Siir Eloglu
film editing: Andrew Bird
art director: Tamo Kunz
costumes designer: Katrin Aschendorf
producer: Fatih Akin, Mélita Toscan du Plantier, Marie-Jeanne Pascal
production: Bombero International, Warner Bros Entertainment Germany, Corazón International, Macassar Productions, Pathé Films
backing: Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and Medienstiftung NRW (DE), German Federal Film Fund DFFF (DE), Federal Ministry for Culture and the Media (DE), German Federal Film Board FFA (DE)
distributor: Pathé Distribution, Warner Bros Entertainment Germany, Camera Film, Cinéart Netherlands B.V., Future Film Oy Ab, Midas Filmes, Curzon Artificial Eye

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