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by Adrián Silvestre


Luz emigrated to Italy in search of a better future. She left her two-year-old son in Colombia with her familiy, but her european dream begins to truncate and turn into a series of misfortunes. She assumes her new social status and start from scratch, working as cleaner. Unexpectedly, she meets Fran, a person outside the box. Luz and Fran decide to take control of their lives, with the world ahead and Rome at their feet.

international title: The Objects of Love
original title: Los objetos amorosos
country: Spain
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Adrián Silvestre
film run: 115'
screenplay: Adrián Silvestre
cast: Laura Rojas Godoy, Nicole Costa, Diana Agámez, Marco Bomba, Paolo Floris, Andrea Iacovacci, Marco La Ferla, Margot Medina, Maddalena Recino, Aurora Silva, Miguel Ángel Tarditti
cinematography by: Luca Lardieri
film editing: Mikel Iribarren Morrás
music: Gary Geld, The Dead Monegros
producer: Annalisa Carloni
executive producer: Simone Isola

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