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by Gonzalo Delgado, Verónica Perrotta


Miguel Ángel García Mazziotti, a Río de la Plata's decadent showbiz gay figure, receives the visit of his daughter Virginia, of whom he has been distanced for years. "The Fat", as everybody calls him in Punta del Este, openly rejects her visit, but when realizes will become a grandfather he can't help getting thrilled and celebrate Virginia's happiness. As a result they share a real familiar weekend that, as many families, to be happy it has to be fake.

international title: Dolphins Go East
original title: Las toninas van al Este
country: Uruguay, Argentina, Germany
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Gonzalo Delgado, Verónica Perrotta
screenplay: Gonzalo Delgado, Verónica Perrotta
cast: Jorge Denevi, Verónica Perrotta, Adriana Da Silva, Gonzalo Delgado, Ramiro Firme, Catherina Pascale, César Troncoso, Heber Vera
cinematography by: Arauco Hernández Holz
film editing: Andrés Tambornino
art director: Nicole Davrieux
costumes designer: Nicole Davrieux
music: Maximiliano Silveira
producer: Gonzalo Delgado, Verónica Perrotta
production: Pandora Filmproduktion, Delgado y Perrotta (UY), Rizoma Films (AR)
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