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by Dan Chisu


At Radu Maligan's 94th anniversary the family members and the former colleagues of the old man come to his birthday party. Everything gets complicated when half of the guests try to convince Radu to confess his sins to a priest, while the others think that no one should be forced to do something beyond their will.

international title: The Anniversary
original title: Aniversarea
working title: The Birthday Party
country: Romania
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Dan Chisu
screenplay: Dan Chisu
cast: Adina Galupa, Răzvan Vasilescu, Emanuel Parvu, Madalina Constantin, Rodica Lazăr, Dan Hurduc, Gheorghe Ifrim, George Remes, Mircea Albulescu
cinematography by: Liviu Pojoni Jr.
art director: Alina Pentac
producer: Dan Chisu, Codin Maticiuc, Adrian Sitaru
production: Dakino Film Production, Watch Me Productions, 4 Proof Film
distributor: Dakino Film Production
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