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by Christopher Nolan


Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada, and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.

international title: Dunkirk
original title: Dunkirk
country: United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, United States
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Christopher Nolan
film run: 106'
release date: BE 19/07/2017, FR 19/07/2017, NO 19/07/2017, SE 19/07/2017, CZ 20/07/2017, DK 20/07/2017, GE 20/07/2017, HR 20/07/2017, HU 20/07/2017, IL 20/07/2017, NL 20/07/2017, PT 20/07/2017, BG 21/07/2017, EE 21/07/2017, ES 21/07/2017, UK 21/07/2017, IE 21/07/2017, LT 21/07/2017, PL 21/07/2017, RO 21/07/2017, DE 27/07/2017, GR 24/08/2017, IT 31/08/2017
screenplay: Christopher Nolan
cast: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, Harry Styles, James D'Arcy, Aneurin Barnard, Jack Lowden, Fionn Whitehead, Brian Vernel
cinematography by: Hoyte van Hoytema
film editing: Lee Smith
art director: Nathan Crowley, Toby Britton, Oliver Goodier, Benjamin Nowicki, Erik Osusky
costumes designer: Jeffrey Kurland
music: Hans Zimmer
producer: Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas
production: Syncopy, Dombey Street Productions, Kaap Holland Film, StudioCanal, Canal+, Ciné+, Warner Bros. (US), RatPac-Dune Entertainment (US)
distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment Belgium, Warner Bros Entertainment Germany, Warner Bros Entertainment France, Warner Bros Entertainment Netherlands, Warner Bros Entertainment UK
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