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by Jan Speckenbach


A woman leaves her husband and children without saying goodbye. While she struggles to build a new life, her family is left completely uncertain of her fate. The radical nature of her departure appears to be an opportunity as well as a trauma. The film is structured in three episodes, each showing a different perspective of the subject. The first one accompanies the woman in Vienna and Bratislava, creating a new life for herself. Although her past remains untold, she seems driven by it. The second episode portrays the life of her abandoned husband and their children, two years after her disappearance. Their days are still dominated by her mysterious leaving. The final episode returns to the last evening of the family.

international title: Freedom
original title: Freiheit
working title: On Disappearing
country: Germany, Slovakia
sales agent: Pluto Film
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Jan Speckenbach
film run: 100'
screenplay: Jan Speckenbach, Andreas Deinert
cast: Johanna Wokalek, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Ricky Watson, Georg Arms, Inga Birkenfeld, Emil von Schönfels, Ondrej Kovaľ, Rubina Labusch, Andrea Szabová
cinematography by: Tilo Hauke
film editing: Jan Speckenbach
art director: Juliane Friedrich
costumes designer: Stephanie Riess
producer: Sol Bondy, Jamila Wenske
co-producer: Peter Badac, Jelena Goldbach
production: ONE TWO Films, BFilm

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