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by Marleen Jonkman


Maud and Frank are on holiday in Chile. Their relationship is fragile and so is Maud. After many years of trying, it is now time to face the fact that they will never have children. However, Maud is in denial. After a huge fight with Frank she runs off and sets out on a road trip through Chile to get her life back on track.

international title: Messi and Maud (La Holandesa)
original title: La Holandesa
working title: La Holandesa
country: Netherlands
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Marleen Jonkman
film run: 92'
screenplay: Daan Gielis
cast: Rifka Lodeizen, Guido Pollemans, Koke Santa Ana, Daniel Candia, Paola Lattus, Matías Burgos, Rodrigo Soto, Octavio Navarrete, Carolina Diaz, Cristóbal Farias
cinematography by: Jeroen de Bruin
film editing: Katarina Turler, Wouter van Luijn
art director: Anahi Serena Seves Rojas
costumes designer: Lynn van Eck
music: Matthias Klein, Daniel Sus
producer: Hans de Weers, Danielle Guirguis, Elwin Looije
co-producer: Luis Cifuentes, Sven Rudat, Anette Unger, Rüdiger Wolf
associate producer: Nicole Pérez Lizama, Eduardo Villaobos Pino
line producer: Luis Cifuentes
production: Fatt Productions, Smarthouse Films, Lucho Film (CL)
distributor: September Film Distribution
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