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by Manolo Gómez, Ángel De La Cruz


Every day, lazy old M. D'Abondo and his servant Rosendo go through the forest. As soon as the humans desapears, nature becomes transformed and shows all its splendour as the trees open their eyes,, until them among the moss and lichen that adorn their barks. One day, Furi, a small mole, finds that Linda (his love) and the whole colony of forest moles have been hunted by Morrina the cat, Piorno the mouse, Lucy the firefky and the forest's other inhabitants join forces to solve the problems and bring back harmony to the living forest.

international title: The Living Forest
original title: El bosque animado
country: Spain
sales agent: Dygra Film
year: 2001
genre: animation
directed by: Manolo Gómez, Ángel De La Cruz
film run: 83'
release date: ES 03/08/2001, IT 02/01/2003, FR 18/06/2003, PT 04/07/2003, LU 26/09/2003, NL 09/10/2003, BE 15/10/2003
screenplay: Ángel De La Cruz
film editing: David López
music: Arturo C. Krees
producer: Manolo Gómez
production: Dygra Films
distributor: Buena Vista International Spain, Medusa Film (IT), Albares Production (FR), Dygra Film (LU), Twin Film (NL)
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