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by Ángel De La Cruz, Manolo Gómez


Helena is a resolute and intelligent young girl, daughter of Great Duke Theseus, a daydreaming and idealist ruler who is obsessed with building strange buildings. Helena loves her father, but does not understand him or, for that matter, his assistant Lysander, a young inventor who is secretly in live with the young girl. When the Duke's latest building collapses, Helena demands that her father give up his dreams.

international title: Midsummer Dream
original title: El sueño de una noche de San Juan
country: Spain
sales agent: Lumina Films
year: 2003
genre: animation
directed by: Ángel De La Cruz, Manolo Gómez
release date: ES 01/07/2005
screenplay: Ángel De La Cruz, Beatriz Iso
art director: Alberto Taracido
music: Arturo Kress
producer: Manuel Cristóbal, Manolo Gómez
production: Dygra Films, Appia Filmes
distributor: Buena Vista International Spain
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